Exciting new changes


For some time now, I’ve been in need of an assistant. Mission 2540 now works in 5 apartment communities, and I’ve been stretched as far as I can go. So we’re so excited to announce that Lia Warren has joined Mission 2540 in the role Ministry Assistant. She’ll be doing a little bit of everything – from purchasing supplies to handling social media to assisting at Bible Studies.

I’m really excited about Lia. I first met her as an 8th grader over ten years ago at the North Grand Villas. I’ve watched her grow up into a remarkable young woman, wife, and mother to 2 young girls.

She started 2 weeks ago during our craziest 2 weeks of every year. Her life has been consumed with school supplies and golf scrambles. I promised her that it’s not always this nuts, but I’m sure she got here when she did!

In other employee news, Tyler Craft did an incredible job getting us rolling at Glenwood Apartments and Plum Creek. Unfortunately for us (and fortunately for him) he got a job offer he couldn’t refuse that required him to move back to the Nashville area a couple of weeks ago. I’m really happy for him, but I’ll miss him. So will the kids.

Lisa Chavez, who helped Tyler out at both properties the past several months, has volunteered to take over the running of those Bible studies on both properties for the time being. So the transition has been pretty easy on everyone.

Thanks for continuing to support Mission 2540. We’re growing, and it’s only because of the generosity of so many!


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