Fall Fun

The first 6 weeks of the new school year have flown by. We’ve had a great time at all 5 of our properties.

The kids at Cathy’s Pointe are full of energy. Not sure what we’re going to do when it gets too cold to go outside and run some of that craziness off of them.








We’re so thankful for our youth volunteers like Melissa who come out to the North Grand Villas each week. The kids love hanging out and coloring with her.










We haven’t had at ton of kids at Glenwood this fall. But for the ones who come, getting to play Kenny’s guitar has been a highlight for them. They think Kenny’s cool because of that. I think Kenny’s brave!20150825_224128









We started our new weekly ministry at Spring Terrace. We’re getting to know a ton of really great kids, and they keep coming back every week, so we must be doing something right!IMG_6546








Lia and Kenny are doing a great job at Plum Creek. They introduced them to Jump The River and the kids cannot get enough of that game!




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