October Pictures

October flew by like it always seems to. And now all of a sudden we’re gearing up for Christmas. But before we get busy with all of that stuff, check out a few pictures of the fun we had last month.


Here’s fun indoor game we played at Cathy’s Pointe. Kids threw paper to try to knock down a bottle while one kid tried to prevent that from happening. As you can tell, it was enjoyed by everyone.


The big field at Spring Terrace gives us plenty of room for games. Whiffle ball, basketball, football, kickball – you name it, we play it. We’re not looking forward to when cold weather keeps us inside.


Lia and Kenny finally convinced the kids at Plum Creek that they didn’t have to play “Jump the River” every week. Kickball ended up being a big hit.


October means pumpkin season, and we were no exception. Kids are definitely creative.


Sometimes at the North Grand Villas, the best way to calm rowdy kids is to sit down and color. We found some “color-by-numbers” pages, and the kids couldn’t get enough of them. Neither could Melissa (in gray long sleeve shirt), one of our high school volunteers.



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