March Update

March was a great month for Mission 2540. We had great weather to play in. The kids all got a week off from school. We got to look in depth at the Easter story each week. But even better, we started ministry at our 6th location, Cypress Creek (a few block north of Hamlet Elementary). We did weekly Bible studies and ministry there several years ago. The door opened to return there again each and every Monday afternoon. We’ve brought Jennifer Romero in to lead those each week since I’m leading Bible studies at Cathy’s Pointe on Monday’s already. She’s a former teacher who does an incredible job with kids, and has volunteered for us in the past. They’ve already had a bunch of kids who are having a blast. The number of kids from struggling families that we’re able to reach on a weekly basis continues to increase. Thanks for all of you who give so that we may go and meet so many needs!


Jennifer At Cypress Creek


Jennifer At Cypress Creek


Kids of every size, shape, and nationality playing tag at the North Grand Villas


Jennifer At Cypress Creek


A few of the kids at Plum Creek who come week in and week out. They’re full of energy but lots of fun.


We’ve seen several new faces at Cathy’s Pointe. It’s always fun to meet new kids.


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