April Update

This year is flying by. April was a great month for Mission 2540. We started a new series on what it means to Love our Neighbors. We met lots of new kids, and our new ministry at Cypress Creek continued to grow. In April, you never know what you’re going to get weather-wise. Some days we’re able to get outside and have fun. Other days it’s cold and windy. And that’s in the same week. It definitely keeps us on our toes as we plan each week’s activities. One thing is for certain though: the kids have been bouncing off the walls this month – they’re definitely ready for Summer!


Playing a little “Gorilla, Man, Gun” at Cathy’s Pointe.


Jen and her husband Jake teaching at Cypress Creek. They’ll tell you this photo documents the only 5 minutes of the afternoon they actually got the room to sit still 🙂


The kids at Spring Terrace still aren’t tired of playing Jump the River. Lining up to play the game is about the only time you’ll see them halfway calm and orderly!


The kids at Plum Creek love to get creative. With marshmallows, toothpicks, glue and paper, the discovered they could make pretty much anything!


The boys at Glenwood out enjoying a sunny day decorating the sidewalks with chalk drawings.


The kids at the North Grand Villas lining up to say their Bible verse and get their candy reward.




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