Camp Awesome 2016


July 6-8,we took a group of 39 crazy kids and a great group of adult and teen helpers to Hidden Falls Ranch for Camp Awesome. We’ve been doing this for several years now, and I can honestly say it was our best, smoothest camp yet (if you don’t factor in our last minute bus issues that forced us to scramble to borrow 3 church vans from the extremely generous folks at Paramount Baptist at the very last minute. That’s a story for another day!) We had very few discipline problems, the kids listened when we told them drinking water was super important in the triple digit heat, and they even went to bed on time (kind of). As a result, we all had a blast climbing, hiking, horseback riding, singing, praying, shooting arrows, swimming, eating, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Thanks to all who gave so that we could provide these kids with their best memory of the summer. For many, it was the only chance they have all summer to leave the city limits. And thanks to Lia, Hannah, Caitlin, Melissa, Lisa, Karsen, Jocelyn, Josh, Kenny, Luke, Colin, and Ty for giving up 3 days of your summer to help us!

Enjoy these pictures – they’ll do a better job of describing the fun than my words can!_MG_9517



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