October Update

October usually brings with it some crisp, cool weather. But not this year! That meant we got to spend plenty of time outside. It also meant kids didn’t want to stay cooped up in their houses, so we had big crowds every week. We continued our Bible study series on “Promises God Makes and How He Keeps Them.” It was a great month that went by far too quickly. Check out the photos below.


It’s October, so we had to do a fun craft with pumpkins. Chalk stencils are supposed to be less messy than carving actual pumpkins, but the kids at Cathy’s Pointe tried their best to make a mess anyway.


Coloring sheets like this one for John 3:16 help the kids a lot in memorizing scripture. But the kids at Cypress Creek do so well learning their verses, they don’t really even need the help!


Why not play some October baseball at Plum Creek? The crew there was happy to try it out.


Eloisa is one of our incredible volunteers at Spring Terrace. The kids found out she is a super talented knitter, and they asked her to teach them. So Eloisa brought out some supplies, and taught them a new skill. They loved it. (Except for Abel, who declared, “I’m terrible at this and never doing it again!” You can’t please them all…)


These two crazy kids at Glenwood are full of energy every week. Lia isn’t sure what she’s going to do once it gets too cold to let them run off energy on the playground. 🙂


Here’s your obligatory “Jump the River” photo of the month. This time from the North Grand Villas. No matter which apartment complex,  no matter what age, race, gender, or nationality – this game is always the favorite, and it never gets old. 


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