Christmas Fun

We wrapped up the year with a week full of fun and festivities. We held Christmas parties at all 6 of our locations. We handed out presents to 126 kids (thanks to all of you who gave, shopped, and wrapped presents), ate food (close to 1000 chicken nuggets!) sang songs, laughed, and celebrated the birth of Jesus. We’ve got an incredible staff (big thanks to Lia who took care of all kinds of behind the scenes stuff) and wonderful volunteers who helped us pull everything off smoothly. Over 150 kids and adults came to our parties and hopefully received a great blessing and reminder of God’s gift to us in Jesus.

At Cathy’s Pointe, we had a great meal that included taking a few selfies. Then after hearing Paige read the Christmas story from Luke, the kids asked Paige to lead them in an impromptu rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” She obliged. It’s never dull there.

Jennifer’s sister Mallory came out to Cypress Creek and led the kids in some singing (with the help of a few moms). I still don’t know how we crammed so many kids into one room, but none seemed to mind!

At Spring Terrace, we had a bit of a flu outbreak so there weren’t a ton of kids. But we still ate enough food to make up for the missing kids, played a couple exciting games of balloon ball, and handed out our really cool Christmas goodie bags. Jacob is proudly showing off the new Spider Man watch that came in his.

At Plum Creek, we had a great crowd of both kids and their moms. Of course, the kids were super pumped to get their Christmas presents. Caleb was so excited he wanted Lia to take a picture with him and his.

Lia and the crew at Glenwood cleared out the chairs and played balloon ball (maybe we’ll make it a new Christmas tradition!) before Lia read the Christmas story. We had a couple kids who came to our Bible study their for the first time. Hopefully they don’t expect to get to eat their weight in Chick-fil-A every week!

We finished the week of fun off with our biggest party at the North Grand Villas. As you can tell by the picture on the left, Paige had a huge crowd gathered to listen to her read about Jesus’ birth. Afterward, the kids received their presents. Hopefully a few actually got their presents home before opening them – because those kids were just a little bit excited.

For many of our kids, the presents they got this week are the only ones they’ll get this Christmas. We’re so thankful for all of you who helped us bless them this week. Merry Christmas!


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