About Mission 2540

Mission 2540 is a non-profit [501(c)3] apartment ministry based in Amarillo, Texas. Founded by Brooks Boyett in November 2004, we work with families living in low-income housing, and strive to meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.  We live out Matthew 25:40, reaching out to the “least of these.”  Through bible studies, resident assistance, and a variety of outreaches and activities throughout the year, our desire is to “Feed, Clothe, and Love” families in need.

Monthly Benevolence

We help families with rent, bills, groceries, medicine, gasoline, vehicle maintenance etc. as needs arise. We provide thousands of dollars worth of assistance to families every year.

 Special Outreach Programs

We provide backpacks and school supplies to around 200 kids every August. We provide Christmas gifts to 100-150 kids each year, and provide Easter Meals to our neediest families every spring (25-30, depending on budget and need)

 Weekly After School Activities and Bible Studies

We provide after-school games, snacks, crafts, and Bible studies to children living in the Affordable Housing Apartment Communities (once a week per apartment) where we work. Kids receive a sack full of snacks to take home at the end of each day.

 Spring Break/Summer special activities

Provide weeklong “Week of Fun” once a month each summer and during spring break. Provide fun activities and snacks for kids every afternoon during the week. We take 30-40 elementary aged kids to Hidden Falls Ranch every summer for a 3 day camp of hiking, swimming, climbing, horseback riding, and adventure. For many kids, this is the only time all year they’ll leave the Amarillo city limits.


During the course of our work in these communities, our volunteers have the opportunity build quality relationships with our kids. We have girls that go out to dinner on a monthly basis with women, boys that have gone fishing, to play basketball, swimming, etc with men they look up to. We use this time to teach life skills such as finding a job, writing a resume, balancing a checkbook, treating a woman on a date, interacting with authority figures, etc. Our goal is to allow these kids to know that there is a God who loves them and has a plan for them, and that there are men and women who care about them, believe in them, and want them to succeed in life.

We are only able to exist through the faithful giving of individuals.  If you would like to play a role in this ministry, email brooks@mission2540.org or send a check to:

Mission 2540, Inc.,  PO Box 20771,  Amarillo, TX  79114


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