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Back-to-School Outreach

  We were able to provide backpacks filled with school supplies at our annual back-to-school outreach on Saturday, August 16. We did things a little differently this year. We received a grant at the beginning of the year to purchase all the supplies and backpacks, so we were able to get everything in bulk earlier […]

Back to School

We handed out over 140 backpacks filled with supplies families at the North Grand Villas, Cathy’s Pointe, and several places in between the week before school started. Most of our kids got their backpacks on Saturday the 17th at our annual Back-to-School cookout at the North Grand Villas. Now that we’re also at Cathy’s Pointe which is […]

Back to School Outreach

We handed out around 140 backpacks filled with school supplies for our annual Back-to-School Outreach in August. We did things a little differently this year. We wanted the families to make some sort of contribution to their school supplies to give a sense of empowerment and ownership. At the same time, we still wanted to […]

Back-To-School Outreach

  The lack of blog posts recently is due to the fact that we just finished handing out backpacks and school supplies to around 220 kids at the North Grand Villas, Cypress Creek Apartments, and several places in-between.  Thanks to all of you who gave, shopped, or helped hand out supplies.  I definitely couldn’t do […]

Back-to-School (Part 2)

All right.  Back to blogging.  Following our pictures of our first ever back-to-school party at Cypress Creek held on Saturday, August 21.  Just like at NGV, John and Brenda grilled up some hotdogs, we haned out backpacks, and measure for shoes. Around 65 kids got backpacks, and we took care of shoes for 50 or so.  It […]

Back-to-School Fun, Part 1

Whew.  I’m finally able to find a little bit of time to blog.  We’ve finished our annual Back-to-School Outreach.  We’ve handed out somewhere around 225 backpacks filled with supplies to kids and are in the process of giving out shoes to about 130 kids, thanks to Jeff Parsons and his “A Step Up” shoe ministry.   It’s […]

Kickin’ it Old School

Every once in a while, we sing and do motions to the classic song “Lean on Me.”  The song and motions have been around 20 plus years, but that doesn’t stop the kids from enjoying them.  Below are pics of us doing the song at Rose Plaza last week: Oh, and since Suzanne had her camera […]