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Spring Pictures

It’s been a while since I blogged, so I figured I’d just post a few pictures of some of the fun we’ve had this spring. Whether it’s been raining outside and we’ve had to seek something to do indoors or whether we’ve had beautiful weather for outdoor fun, it’s been a great last few weeks […]

Summer Fun

It’s been a busy few weeks around Mission 2540. We had a couple youth groups doing weeklong fun the week of June 11, another group last week, and one more this week. I figure I’d post a few pictures to show you all the fun we’ve been having. The week of June 11, my church’s […]

The Battle of Jericho

We’ve been studying the Old Testament during our Bible Studies at both NGV and Cy Creek this year.  Last week, we discussed Joshua leading the Israelites into battle with Jericho, and the march around the wall.  To reinact the story, we built walls using bricks made out of brown paper sacks stuffed with newspaper.  It […]

How about a picture to start off the year?

I’ve been a bad blogger to start 2011.  We’re off to a fun start on the year.  I’ll have more to share next week, but I think I probably should post something.  So here’s a great picture.  It really made me laugh.  We were playing with Play-Doh, and the boys decided to make mustaches.  This […]

Sports and Art Camp

Paramount EXP put on an awesome sports and art camp for the Mission 2540 kids each evening Monday through Wednesday.  They rented out the Travis Middle School gym, and we brought out around 35-40 kids each night for fun, games, crafts, food and devotionals.  It was an awesome time.  The kids really enjoyed it.  Special […]

I’m loving the North Grand Villas

I’ve been too busy this summer to post much. But I just wanted to say how much fun the North Grand Villas has been this summer. There’s been a huge influx of immigrants from all over the world into NGV the last several months, and it makes things really interesting, to say the least. Below […]

Summer Fun

It’s been a while since I last posted, because we have been super busy!  We’ve had a blast this summer already.  A few highlights: There’s no better way to cool off than by throwing water balloons at each other.  That’s what we’ve done on afternoons at both properties.  The brave kids like to get the […]