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My trip to Haiti

I was able to return to Haiti with at team of friends headed up by my good pal David Nance (who was integral to the founding of Mission 2540)  January 8-14. It was really such a great way to start off a new year. The past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to build a […]

Jesus in the dirt

(I leave for Haiti this Thursday morning. One year ago today, I was in that country when we lost my friend Jeremy to brain cancer. He was one of the greatest friends I’ll ever know. I still miss him like crazy and think of him often. I’ve had a lot of frustrations with my Dallas Cowboys I need to share with him […]

Jesus in the dirt.

I returned home from an incredible trip to Haiti late last night. I’m not really going to blog much about that trip here.  You can read about our adventures at where I provided daily updates about all our fun. It was a really wonderful trip – Haiti is a beautiful broken country full of beautiful broken people. I’m […]

Haiti Part 3 – More pictures of the kids

I leave tomorrow morning for camp – taking a group of my middle schoolers with the Messiah’s House Youth to Sky Ranch in Van, TX.  Then at the end of the week, I’ve got some elementary kids going to Agape Camp at Hidden Falls Ranch.  Going to be an exhausting Spring Break week, but lots […]

Haiti part 2 – Pictures of The Kids

The best part of the trip was spending time with the children of the Comfort House.  They are all beautiful and full of love and desperate to be loved.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the kids: This is Roodline (pronounced Wood-lyn).  She is 16 and a miracle.  The first child taken […]

Haiti part 1

I returned yesterday evening from an amazing 5 days in Haiti.  I wish I could have posted daily updates, but we had no internet access or much contact with the real world other than a few text messages. We spent our time helping Ray and Trisha Comfort move therir family of 13 children with HIV/AIDS from their small […]