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My Nicaragua Trip

I returned home Sunday from one of my favorite places in all the world. The last 4 years, I’ve had the privilege to go and serve with my church alongside the ministry of Savior’s Tear in Managua, Nicaragua, run by Amarillo missionaries Wayne and Elaine MaGouirk. They run the most beautiful school I’ve ever seen […]


I’ve been back in the country for a week now, and am rested up, nearly caught up on everything, and finally ready to blog a little bit about the trip. It was really an incredible time. We had an amazing group of 16 adults and youth from Messiah’s House. Out of the 3 trips there I’ve taken, I […]

Jesus in the dirt.

I returned home from an incredible trip to Haiti late last night. I’m not really going to blog much about that trip here.  You can read about our adventures at where I provided daily updates about all our fun. It was a really wonderful trip – Haiti is a beautiful broken country full of beautiful broken people. I’m […]

Painting Walls

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  In honor of that, here’s something I wrote last summer from Managua, Nicaragua after spending a day at House of Hope, a ministry that rescues women and girls from the horrors of the sex trafficking industry in Nicaragua. June 14, 2011 – I thought of my daughters alot today […]

Nicaragua Day 4 and 5 – Finding Joy

So I can finally get around to posting some pictures and stuff.  We had a great relaxing day today.  It’s good to unwind after a wild, exhausting week of pouring ourselves into share God’s love with, and receiving God’s love in return from, some beautiful, amazing children and teachers. It was such a time of […]

Day 5

Once again, it’s a late night. We just got back in, and my computer is being used by others who need to skype their families. Trying to post this from my phone. Will do my best to share stuff tomorrow. Awesome day today. Ended it by meeting ye US Ambassador to Nicaragua, who is at […]

Nicaragua Day 4

No real post today.  I’ll cover today and tomorrow tomorrow evening.  Today looked alot like yesterday.  We lost to the boys only 3-1 today though.  We are quite proud of ourselves.