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Something we needed to hear

When Mission 2540 first began, we did ministry at a little apartment community called the Fairfield Apartments (now Rose Plaza). We met a young girl there named Stephani who became actively involved with Mission 2540 for many years. She and her family had been through a lot of struggles in her young life, and she seemed to […]

Summer Fun

It’s been a busy few weeks around Mission 2540. We had a couple youth groups doing weeklong fun the week of June 11, another group last week, and one more this week. I figure I’d post a few pictures to show you all the fun we’ve been having. The week of June 11, my church’s […]

Iras and Jesse Get Married

Like I said in the previous post, the last weekend in August was a little busy.  Two days after the golf scramble, I had the priviledge of performing the wedding ceremony of Iras and Jesse.  I met the two of them several years ago when they lived in the Rose Plaza apartments.  They’ve since moved […]

Last Day at Rose Plaza

Yesterday was our last ever Bible Study at Rose Plaza.  We aren’t going to be able to rent the SHOP, the little room where we meet, any more.  Plus, most of the kids have moved out.  So we’re moving on.  I’m so excited about where God is taking us.  I’ll have more details on that […]

Big News

Sadly, we are going to be ministering at Rose Plaza for just 2 more weeks, and then we’re out of there for good.  The owner of the complex has decided to take back The Shop, which we have been renting from him for the past two years, and turn it into a big laudry room.  […]

Rock People

Some crafts are far more fun than others.  This was definitely one of the fun ones.  On Monday at Rose Plaza, we talked about Jesus telling Simon his name was now Peter, which means Rock.  The cool thing about that story is that Jesus saw Peter not for who he was at the time, but […]

Anybody Have a Bunkbed?

There’s a single mom at Rose Plaza in need of two single beds, preferrably in the form of bunkbeds. Two of her daughters attend school in Boys Ranch. But they come home to visit on occasional weekends and have to sleep on the floor. If you have some you might be able to either donate […]