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Once a week I get to sit down during the lunch hour with groups of students at Travis Middle School. Last week I asked them, “In your own words, what is PEACE?” Some of their answers: “Being happy” “When you can relax.” “When things are happy and nice.” “When someone is calm.” “Silence.” “No harm […]

Giving Thanks

Every Wednesday, I spend a couple of hours during lunchtime at Travis Middle School.  I meet with a cross-section of students from each grade level for something we call the Get Real Club.  Basically, we sit and discuss life with each other, and give the kids oppotunities to be open and honest about their lives […]

Tattoos and the Cross

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Austin Middle School to watch the Travis 8th graders play some football. During the game between the Gold Teams, I went and sat down with the Silver Team (ie “B” Team) to hang out. It seems like half of the Silver guys lived in the North Grand Villas at some […]

Travis Middle School and Ray the Mobile Barber

Okay, besides the fact that I’m writing about them both today, Travis Middle School and Ray the mobile barber have nothing to do with each other.  But I like that title. If you recall, last May I began, at the request of the Travis Administration, a lunchtime session called “Get Rea.” Basically I met with groups […]

This and that

Boy, I hadn’t realized it’s been so long since I last posted something.  I guess I’m still recovering from the Summer and things have slowed down a bit.  Here are a few items of note, however: 1.  I begin my Wednesday lunchtime “Get Real” program at Travis Middle School on October 7.  We started it […]

Wednesdays at Travis

Several people have asked how the Wednesday lunchtime program at Travis Middle School went, so I guess I’ll fill you in a bit now that it’s over. I met every Wednesday in May in the old Travis gym (see picture above) with three groups of kids.  I got to spend 20-30 minutes each with a group […]

Lunchtime at Travis

Today I began a new, exciting opportunity at Travis Middle School, where many of the kids we minister to attend school.  A few weeks ago, a couple of the principals called and ask me if I might want to do something to help them reach out to some of the kids at the school.  Travis has a […]