September Update

School is back in session, which means kids are back to a regular schedule, which means the kids are ready a pumped up each and every day for our regular weekly bible studies. We’re averaging around 80 total kids attending one of our 6 Bible studies each week. It’s both fun and crazy to have that many kids. Thanks to all who give so we can provide everyone of our kids with snacks, crafts, and games week in and week out. Following are a few pictures of the fun we had in September.


The kids at Cathy’s Pointe absolutely love craft time. If it was up to Neymer, she’d not play games or do any other group activities. She’d do crafts for the full hour every week if we let her.


Jennifer taught about God’s power at Cypress Creek. What better way to demonstrate being overpowered than by a “Thumb War” tournament?



Plum Creek makes up our youngest crew of kiddos. Lia makes sure this little group of crazies has fun and learns about the love of God week in and week out.


All we needed for some “Four-square” fun at Spring Terrace was a kickball and some masking tape. We’ve remade our court the past 3 weeks, because that game is fun!


The Glenwood kids are full of energy. “Sharks and Minnows” is a great way to get rid of some of that energy. But not all of it…


Paige Spencer is taking over teaching duties at the North Grand Villas (and Cathy’s Pointe). She has a crew of over 20 kids showing up each week, so obviously they love her already!


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